Chi is a whole of business solution, offering an extensive range of beauty supplies at fantastic prices… saving you time and money. We are always adding to our product selection, so whether it is microblading supplies, cosmetic tattoo supplies, WHS consumables or treatment specific items we have you covered. Furthermore, if we don’t have the beauty supplies you need just let us know and we will stock it for you!

Our range of cosmetic tattoo supplies consist of needles, practice skins, measuring/design tools, WHS products and Chi’s very own stunning line of organic pigments. Our variety of cosmetic tattoo needles can be used with many digital machines, and you can purchase as few as one to trial. We also stock a variety of lifelike gel silica practice skins, 3D and flat, along with measuring/design tools for you to master your art. Chi has a great range of pre-sterilized items such as ink cups, applicators and dressings to ensure treatment safety and compliance with legislation. Our cosmetic tattoo inks are bright and long lasting with a huge selection from perfect pinks for incredible lips, to smooth browns for all types of brows.

Chi’s microblading supplies consist of a wide range of pre-sterilized disposable and reusable steel microblading pens, needles, design pencils and of course our very own microblading pigments. All our disposable single use needles and pens are high quality, individually sealed and sterilized. We have multiple measuring products to assist with eyebrow design and placement, as well as our gorgeous Chi treatment pillow making the treatment experience comfortable for both therapist and client alike. Our microblading pigments are beautifully textured with colour selection that ensures you have all the colours needed to design the perfect eyebrow for everyone one of your customers.

WHS is a critical necessity in ensuring your treatments are performed safely and hygienically. Our range of beauty supplies, covers all the treatments and procedures commonly encountered as part of everyday business in the aesthetic industry. Whether it’s personal protective equipment or hygiene barriers for machinery and furniture we stock it for you.

We also understand that there are many specialised treatments that are exercised in our constantly evolving industry, which is why we stock a vast range of beauty supplies to keep you supported, with ease from the one website, saving you time and money. Chi has quality laser glasses/goggles for laser application, skin needling cartridges, available in single purchase to ensure they meet your needs, applicators, hydro solutions and own divine Chi Healing Balm after care.

So, remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate in asking and we will stock it for you!

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